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Project Description
Provides MSBuild tasks around the NuGet command-line utility.

This package is also available at:

  • Supports file, semantic, and assembly versioning using the output assembly.
  • Supports Nuspec files directly, or merged while packaging.
  • Contains MSBuild extension targets for performing actions pre and post package steps.
  • Uses a diff performed on the output folder to identify the name of the package.
  • Supports the pack, push, and spec commands.
  • Supports resolving the location of the current NuGet.CommandLine package.
This project is designed to be as plug-and-play as possible. Once added to your project, the NuGet package will immediately start to be built when compiled next. So there is nothing you need to do to get it to work out-of-the-box.

Note: The versioning strategy for packages using this product differs slightly from NuGet due to the default strategy causing upgradability issues caused by changing the assembly version. Because of this, the default will use the file version rather than the assembly version for the package.

Example project layout
This screenshot depicts a simple solution using NuGet for MSBuild with a nuspec file in the project for additional package metadata.

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